Holiday Itinerary 2009
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A few people have asked me about our holiday plans and where we are heading. So based on Alisha's notes I've come up with the following. My mobile phone won't be on or working, for those who know call Alisha ;)

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Date Location Notes
2009-08-15 2009-08-16 Heathrow, London Singapore Singapore Airways SQ0319 @ 18:30
2009-08-17 2009-08-19 Johor Baru, Malaysia Introduction to Family
2009-08-20 2009-08-21 Singapore Meet up with friends
2009-08-22 2009-08-28 Thailand 7Day 6Night The Shan Land Tour Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Song, Chiang Rai.
2009-08-28 2009-08-29 Thailand Bangkok - Millenium Hilton
2009-08-30 2009-08-31 Thailand Kachanaburi 2Day 1Night River Kwai and the Bridge over it, Erawan Waterfall.
2009-08-31 Thailand Bangkok - Aspen Suites Hotel
2009-09-01 2009-09-02 Thailand Mekhala Ayuthaya Cruise 2Days 1Night
2009-09-02 2009-09-03 Thailand Bangkok Lebua State Tower
2009-09-03 2009-09-04 Singapore / Johor Baru Stop over on bus tour to KL
2009-09-05 2009-09-08 Kula Lumpur (KL), Malaysia Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
2009-09-09 2009-09-13 Hong Kong, China Island Pacific Hotel
2009-09-14 Singapore / Johor Baru Stop over on route to next stage.
2009-09-15 2009-09-20 Perhentian, Malaysia Coral View Island Resort
2009-09-21 Singapore / Johor Baru Stop over on route home.
2009-09-22 2009-09-23 Singapore Heathrow, London Singapore Airways SQ0322 @ 23:30.
2009-09-24 2009-09-26 Graham+Lynn's Wedding Port Merion, Wales Staying in B&B within 2miles of Port Merion Hotel.


Looking at the lines in the table it doesn't seem that long. Its been quite some time since my last real holiday and this one has been in the planning for over a year! Thanks to Alisha's magical powers / contacts we've been able to wangle some amazing deals.



On 2009-08-15 08:48:26 Vicky ( wrote:
Cool itinerary, looks hectic. Both of you enjoy your trip. Can't wait to hear stories from you.
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